Our Mission: Encourage More Hair Donations!

Locks on the Rocks was conceived to do one thing: Encourage everyone who loves Red Rocks Amphitheater to donate more hair.  The donations will be sent to the hairpiece organization of your choice. We simply ask that you pledge to donate your hair within one year, use our hair ties to promote the cause while you grow out your donation, and then send in your donation with the hair tie to have the donation counted for this cause.

Many think that they cannot donate their hair due to length, treatment, coloring, or gray hair. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide so that no matter what kind of hair you have to donate, if it’s 6 inches long (yes, just SIX inches long!) or longer, you can donate your hair! See our Instructions Page for more information!

Red Rocks is a very special place that many travel to from all over the world to see performances by musicians and artists of all kinds. Everyone who visits finds that it affects them deeply, and sometimes in ways they do not expect. Some call this spiritual, and others simply appreciate the natural beauty. Everyone remembers their experiences at this place, and they always look forward to returning. And, they tell everyone back home about this amazing place in Colorado.

Because this appreciation is universal, it’s a unique place to spread a message. We are going to be giving away hair ties that have Locks on the Rocks messages printed on them (generously donated by The Elastic Band Company) in exchange for a pledge to donate hair – by themselves or someone they encourage to donate. We’d like that pledge to turn into a donation within one year.

We know everyone can’t donate right away, so we’d like to give those who are willing to share their blessings with others time to grow out their hair.  But, we also want to educate everyone on the fact that it’s less hair than you might have thought (as little as 6 inches!), and there’s ways to get more inches from a cutting when you band your hair into 4-6 groups vs. a single ponytail.

We will show you how to do it!

There are many people in need both temporarily and permanently.  Temporary hair loss can come from a variety of causes, but most often due to the effects of chemotherapy for cancer treatment. But there are also people who have permanently lost their hair too, such as burn victims, those with alopecia areata, and other skin disorders.

As for where to donate, we are neutral to your choice. There are several organizations, each with different requirements as well as programs for those who receive the wigs. We would like to simply organize and present the information so you can make the best and informed choice on your own. In the end, we simply want those blessed with great hair to consider donating to those who want or need a wig.

All we need is your pledge to donate your hair, we will give you hair ties to send them in to be counted for this drive, and you can decide how, when, and where you donate your hair.  It’s that simple!